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What is the latest version of Sage WageEasy?

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This article will guide you through checking your current version number in Sage WageEasy and it contains a link to the latest release notes.


Checking your current version number:

How do I find out which version of Sage WageEasy I am currently using?

To check your software version number, select About Wage Easy Payroll from the Help Menu in Sage WageEasy.



The current version (released October 2021) is

To obtain the latest release of Sage WageEasy:

In Sage WageEasy, on the Standard Toolbar is Pegg Image

Select Pegg and type the following message "Where do I get the latest release".  Pegg will direct you to the software link as well as installation instructions.

Release notes:

October 2021 - V7.7.0.8343 Release Notes

June 2021 - V7.6.0.8326 - Release Notes

March 2021 - V7.5.0.8299 - Release Notes

October 2020 - V7.4.0.8267 - Release Notes

June 2020 - V7.3.0.8217 - Release Notes

March 2020 - V7.2.1.8185 - Release Notes

Jan 2020 - V7.2.0.8154 Release Notes

June 2019 - V7.1.0.8091 - Desktop Release Notes

June 2019 - V7.1.0.8091 - Payroll Online Release Notes