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How do I back up Sage WageEasy?

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It is very important that you back up your Sage WageEasy database regularly and know where your backups are saved on your computer.


Backing up your Sage WageEasy Database.

It is very important that you backup your database regularly & know where your backups are saved on your computer.

Where can I backup?

Backups can be saved to your computer drives, network drive, terminal server or external drives **

o Your Local C drive – (if your Sage WageEasy database is on your C: drive, please do not consider this as an option)

o A network drive – (if your Sage WageEasy database is on your server please make sure the server backup, when done, is taken off site)

We would recommend that the backup should go on a drive other than the drive where the data is being stored - e.g. if the computer that contains the database gets corrupted then the backup will be lost as well.

** Please ensure that periodically a backup is taken “off-site” – away from your business.

When should I backup?

Creating a backup should always be done as part of the normal daily payroll processing procedure and also at times mid pay cycle when data entry has been done in the database. This is particularly important for those with larger databases.

How do I backup?

There are 2 options for backing up in Sage WageEasy:

1. Backing up your Database on closing your Sage WageEasy

Click on the Close icon Image

You will get a message Exiting WageEasy Payroll. Do you wish to backup now? Click on Yes



Choose the location you would like to save the backup to and Click on Save


Your backup is now complete. Click on Ok



2. Backing up your Database from the File Menu

Click on File > Backup/Restore


The ‘Backup Set will be Saved to:’ line will default to where your database is located. If you wish to save the backup to another path, click on the 3 dots (ellipses) at the end of the line and choose the destination to save your backup


Select the destination and Click Ok

Select the Add button on the Top Left hand side of the screen


Select the database you wish to backup and click open
The path name should now appear with a tick in the box to the left hand side.


Click on the Start icon and your backup will start .

Prompting to backup your Database

You will be prompted to backup your database on 2 occasions, when creating your EFT bank file and when you are compacting your database. We strongly recommend that you backup your database when Sage WageEasy prompts you too.

Backing up when creating your EFT bank file: Backing up is a very important step to do before creating your EFT bank file because if a mistake is made to an employee’s pay and you need to amend it, you will need to restore your backup you created just before you created your EFT bank file for your current payroll. Please refer to the factsheet ‘Restoring your Backup’ if you need to restore your backup.

Backing up when compacting your database: You are preforming maintenance on your database so it is important to backup before you do this incase anything happens while compacting.