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Installations and rollovers Instructions for Sage HandiSoft Programs

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Installations and rollovers instructions for Sage HandiSoft. This article explains how to Install and Rollover Sage HandiSoft programs at the start of the financial year and how to rollover your clients to the new year.

Minimum requirements

Installation and Rollover

General Pre-Conditions

  • Ensure a suitable working backup has been made of the Hsoft folder that holds the Applications and the Data folders.
  • The entire HSoft folder is recommended for ODB clients.
  • The entire HSoft folder including the SQL Database is recommended for SQL clients.

       Image NOTE: If Docbase is not in the Default directory it to needs to be backed up.

  • Ensure that all users are out of all the Sage HandiSoft programs and all the Microsoft Office programs.
  • Ensure you know the exact path to the Hsoft folder on the computer where the Hsoft folder resides. Click here to learn more about installing your Sage HandiSoft programs to the correct location.
  • Install on the server machine to allow the quickest installation. (Not essential)
  • Install on a machine that has had Sage HandiSoft previously installed from it. (Not essential)
  • The install may require the Antivirus to be disabled if a decompression errors occur.

Terminal Server Pre-Conditions

To install an end-user application on an RD Session Host server, the RD Session Host server must first be switched into a special install mode called RD-Install to ensure that the application will be able to run in a multi-user environment. After your applications have been installed on your RD Session Host server, you must switch the server back into execution mode (RD-Execute) before users can remotely connect to your server. You can switch between the install and execute modes from the command line using these commands: 
change user /install
change user /execute

To determine the current install mode of your RD Session Host server, use this command: 
change user /query

Step by step installation guide

Sage HandiSoft Products can be downloaded and installed from here or download the Sage HandiSoft Product Installation program from the link in the email that you receive.

Navigate to the location of the downloaded file and double click the HsSetup.Full.exe - this is usually the Downloads folder.

NOTE: You may receive a message to allow the changes to be made on your device. Select Yes.


The splash screen pops up, click Next   


 Ensure you read and accept the License Agreement before proceeding with Next.


 Select Installation Location

a)    If using a machine that HandiSoft was previously installed from, there will be existing choices for the installation location.

b)    Choose the correct installation location, or click Change to Browse to the correct installation location.

NOTE: Ensure that the Installation path chosen is the parent directory that holds the HSoft folder. If you are unsure of the Installation path click here to learn more. Running the installation to the incorrect path will result in no clients rolling over from the previous year. 




 Choose the Installation Type 

  • The Complete installation installs the application files and this is required on the computer where the Hsoft folder resides.           

       NOTE: Files will only be updated / overwritten if the version build date is newer than the Date Modified of existing files

  • The Workstation installation creates the necessary shortcuts to the location in the previous step and checks the SBR dependencies. This is useful for the network workstation installations.


Choose the Shortcut folder where all the shortcuts will be updated to the location prescribed in previous steps 

Shortcuts will be created in this nominated location and also on your Desktop


Select programs to install

You will be presented with a series of checkboxes. Your licenced products should be automatically pre-selected according to your index file.
Ensure that HandiTax 2020 is checked as this will be updated to V2.00 during the installation. 


NOTE: SQL Installs please skip to Confirm Installation details.

Select Rollover type (ODB Installations only)

Choose to Install Software, Perform Recalculation and Roll Over Client to 2021. 

Click Next.


Confirm Installation Details.

Double-check the location that has been designated.

If the location does not contain HSoft at the end, then review the path and instructions in the third screen print above.

Once confirmed, click Install 


Performing Setup Actions

This may take some time, please allow the installation to go through without cancelling the process. 

It happens for each of the modules about to be installed.

Installing Files

Allow the installation to install the files as necessary without cancelling the process. 

If errors appear during this phase, the most likely reason will be that the files being installed are currently in use by a user(s). To resolve this issue:

Ensure that all users are out of the programs and click "retry".

If this does not work, you may need to reboot the server machine to ensure that no existing application files are being used. 

NOTES: Server Administrators can log in to Computer Management to release the "open files".

If your practice is licenced for Sage Accountant Cloud and/or HandiSoft Final Accounts and you receive an error message:

"The following file is in use and can not be updated e.g C:\Program Files(x86)\Hsoft\Apps\HSDA.exe" click 


The following information applies to ODB only. Clients using SQL  should skip to SBR Dependency Check below.

Prior year Client Recalculation

Highlight #All and click Select 


 Tax Roll-Over from Prior Year

Leave the default choices and click OK. 


CAUTION: Do not select current clients only if you use any other programs besides Sage HandiTax.

Confirm Rollover  


The rollover process will commence.

Allow the process to complete without cancelling. 

Rollover Summary Report

On completion of the rollover, a report will display of the total clients and total returns having been rolled over.

It will also display a list of clients that have rolled over that have a substituted accounting period.


Click Close 


 SBR Dependency Check


The installation process will check the machine to determine whether the required Microsoft Dependencies are installed to enable Sage HandiTax to be SBR ready. 

Click Next to proceed with the check and installation.

Click Finish once the HandiTax SBR Dependency Checker has completed. 



Installation Complete

The installation has completed and you can Finish here.


Important information: Make sure you are satisfied with the rollover before doing any work. If you are not satisfied or concerned that your objectives have not been achieved, restore your back up ASAP and attempt the rollover from the start again.

Workstation Installations

For network versions the Workstation install as mention in the Choose The Installation Type step needs to be run on the workstations to ensure that they point at the executables for the current year.

The workstation downloadable can be used for the workstation installations.


Manual Rollovers (SQL and ODB)

Manual Rollover of clients from one year to the next for SQL clients, or ODB clients that did not select the automatic roll-over option

NOTE: The following manual rollover procedure needs to be done by SQL clients or ODB clients that did not opt for the automatic rollover above.

If your practice previously used Sage HandiTax 2020, you must roll over your data into Sage HandiTax 2021 as follows:

1.    Start Sage HandiTax 2020.

2.    In Sage HandiTax 2020: From the Client menu, click Recalculate clients tax details.

3.    In the Client Expressions window, highlight #All, and then click Select to start the recalculation.

4.    When the recalculation has completed, close Sage HandiTax 2020.

5.    Start Sage HandiTax 2021 by logging in as the Administrator, especially if you use Sage HandiSecurity. The Tax Roll-Over From Prior Year window will automatically open if you did not complete Option 3 during the install. If it does not, from the Tools menu, click Roll-over files from 2020.

6.    Complete the window fields. For more information, press F1 to display the online help.

CAUTION: If you have other Sage HandiSoft Products (Sage HandiLedger, Sage Practice Manager, etc.) installed, do not select the Current Clients only check box.

7.    Click OK to start the Roll-Over.

SQL Clients: On first opening of any of the Sage HandiSoft programs after the installation, please ensure that all tables have loaded prior to any other program being opened or another user opening a Sage HandiSoft program.