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How do I chat with Pegg in Sage HandiSoft?

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How to reach out to Pegg, Sage's smart digital assistant, to instantly answer a wide range of Sage HandiTax and Sage HandiLedger questions. Review this article to view a video on Pegg V2 enhancements and how to chat with Pegg.


What is Pegg?

Pegg is our new smart assistant and can instantly answer a wide range of Sage HandiTax and Sage HandiLegder questions.


Where do I find Pegg?

Pegg is a chatbot and the icon is displayed on the top menu of our Sage HandiTax and Sage HandiLedger programs. 


When you click the Pegg Imageicon, a chat window opens.
NOTE: We recommend you use a Chrome browser.

Depending on the type of question you enter in the 'Type your message...' field, Pegg may have a direct answer for you or point you to an article in Sage Knowledgebase. 

EXAMPLE: I have asked Pegg 'Unable to select client in HandiTax'.


EXAMPLE: By selecting 'Click here' it will take you to the Sage Knowledgebase website where you can read the full article.


Pegg will ‘learn’ based on the questions you ask and the feedback you provide, so the more questions Pegg gets, the better the experience will become.

How do I get the most out of Pegg?

We encourage you to try out Pegg; it was created to provide an easy online resource directly accessible from the software without passwords or having to log in. 

Pegg may not always be able to answer your questions immediately but will ‘learn’ over time.

There are a few guidelines for getting the most from Pegg: 

  • It’s better to frame your query as a full question, instead of single words or incomplete phrases.  For Example, ‘What is the latest version of Sage HandiSoft?’ instead of ‘version’.
  • If Pegg can’t provide a direct answer to you, sometimes rephrasing the question in a different way can help.


Pegg will request your feedback using the Yes this article was helpful or No I need more help. Your response will assist us to close the gaps in Pegg's knowledge.

  • By clicking No the answer was not helpful, Pegg will go and search using the keywords in your question for a different answer.
  • If this is still not the correct answer by selecting No again Pegg will open the Sage Knowledgebase website and search for keywords in your question.
  • By clicking on More results will open you up into Sage support central website where you can contact us by sending us an email.