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Why should I rollover all my clients from one year to the next year in Sage HandiSoft?

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This article explains why you should always rollover all clients from one year to the next in Sage HandiSoft.


Why you should always roll-over all clients from one year to the next

The Client Record and the program database

All the Sage HandiSoft programs access a common client database, with each program having an additional database that contains information that is linked to the client database through the client reference number.

Each year's programs all have the current year client database file (Clients) as their pyramid head. For example, Sage Time+Billing 2019 and Sage HandiTax 2019 etc. use Clients19 as their pyramid head, while Sage HandiTax 2013 and Sage HandiTax 2010 use Clients13 and Clients10 respectively.

NOTE: Each year, all the programs, except prior year HandiTax programs, roll forward to access the current year's Clients file. The reason for this is that Sage HandiTax contains the forms that are needed to lodge older returns, and, therefore, continues to access the relevant ClientsNN file.

Orphaned data 

When you roll over each year, a new ClientsNN file is created for that year, and the data for each program links to that client file. If a program database has no corresponding record in the ClientsNN file, it will be "hidden". If, in the future, a not rolled forward client's reference code is reused for a new client, the "hidden" data will attach to the new client, causing the new client's data to be incorrect.

We strongly suggest that you always roll over all clients, and rather use the facility to mark clients as current or non-current.

The Client Details window has the ability to allow you to view only the current clients so that your Clients Detail window is not cluttered.



  •  If you want to remove a client who has left and is not expected back, use only Sage Practice Manager - Contact to delete them. (Prior year Sage HandiTax records will need to be deleted in the applicable Sage HandiTax program)
  • The facility to roll over only current clients is intended for those clients that only use HandiTax, and need to clear up older client, however even in this case it is not recommended.