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  • Sign in using your Sage ID: Most of the content in the KB is only accessible after signing in. If you do not have a Sage ID, you can create one by selecting Sign Up. You will be asked for your name, email address and you will create a password.

    Select your product: There’s a lot of information in the knowledgebase and the best way to ensure you get the best and most relevant results is to start by choosing your product, then searching.

    3-4 keywords: searches that have fewer than 4 words requires all words to appear in the solution. Searches over 4 words become less precise and can return solutions that are not as relevant.

    Descriptive and specific: Just searching for “product help” is likely to give you far too many results. When searching for an error message or code, paste it into the search box for the easiest way to find answers.

    Punctuation: The search doesn’t check your punctuation, so don’t worry about adding that to your search words.

    Capitalization: UPPER or lower case; it doesn’t matter which you use, the results will be the same.


    Relevancy & Filtering

    • Relevancy Stars show the user how relevant the result is based on their search. The default sort is by Relevance, so user is always seeing the most relevant content first
    • Sort – Search results can be sorted by Relevance, Most Views, Most Helpful, Newest on Top, Oldest on Top
    • Filters – Filters can be applied after searching to narrow results further. Filter options may vary based on the content that is returned. Possible filters include; Modified Date, Type, Categories, Products, Attributes.


    Did you mean?

    When searching, the Did You Mean? functionality may present itself if there is an alternate term which may provide a better result. Very useful in picking up spelling errors and getting users to their content without a 2nd search!

    When searching, users are presented with auto-suggested solutions that match their search term below the search bar. Did You Mean? functionality will also display after searching if there is an alternate term which may provide a better result.

    For more search best practices and tips, search keywords "search tips" in the KB.


    Favorite an article to use again in the future

    When viewing an article, click on the Star  icon to save the article in your favorites list. To retrieve you list of favorites, click on your name in the top right corner, then select Manage Profile.